Chairman of the AIRC Foundation

Count Keith Shillitoe

For many years, we have actively promoted global philanthropy. It is well known that the good and the virtuous are the best. Regular meetings, such as global philanthropists' meetings, To publicize the true meaning of charity, Planning, organizing and sponsoring many friendly exchanges between China and the United States. Good, culture, film and television, media, science and technology, education, finance, economy and trade, environmental protection and so on.

Secretary General of the chairman of the Airc Foundation


OMERYUZUAK Marvel's career spanned over 20 years of different professions. He has extensive marketing and market development experience in small and medium enterprises and consumer products. In the second half of his career, he was planning the initial business and helping the EU market companies to increase their turnover. He is also an expert in sales management and is very familiar with the European market. At present, he is an expert, investor, speaker and writer in block chain.

Technical researcher

Van de grac

Proficient in GPGPU computing, network, machine learning and block chain application. He has a good technical level and practical experience in mining, regulatory and innovative technology applications. He has served as the chief technical officer of the world's top IT company, project manager and IT supervisor. Responsible for the design and development of AIRC block chain software, and play a key role in the rapid development of AIRC.

Our Advisor

Chief technical officer


Malaysia's famous Internet technologist, Linux members of the open source foundation, A member of an intelligent hardware geek organization, A member of the artificial intelligence society, Served as senior cloud architect for red hat Red Hat. He served as the chief technology adviser of Internet Co CTO and capital online 263.

Operation consultant

Zilis Bloomberg

He worked at Boston University, MBA graduated from University of Southern California in the United States. Research area chain technology, AI mental brain simulation, Vision Reconstruction Technology and other fields. DELL serves as strategic planning, consultant, project manager and so on. For nearly ten years, it has devoted itself to the commercialization strategy research of frontier technology in the US and Singapore markets.

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