Environmental pollution has become one of the three major social problems in the world today. With the increasing global air pollution, the demand for intelligent air purifiers has been increasing year by year. For the intelligent purifiers market, the quality of goods is uneven, the rate of replacement is fast, and the application of the Internet of Things Under the intelligent level of these problems.

Project overview


AIRC and a number of purifier companies led by Yunyan composed of air purification alliance, mainly to solve the indoor air environment, people have more than 2/3 of the time indoors, indoor air environment is excellent, can greatly reduce the incidence of disease, AIRC for every negative oxygen purifier, using block chain technology record With the large data of the equipment, we can scientifically customize the family air purification plan, use the intelligent computing force of the mobile terminal to realize the data sharing, obtain the calculation rate by providing the fresh air capacity of each equipment, reward the airc, and obtain the revenue, that is, the AIRC appliance operation mode can be generated from this.

Quantum entanglement encrypt technology

Air Chain The quantum entanglement technology used by AIRC is a safe and reliable transmission information encryption technology, which is related to the transmission of information at super speed of light. The speed of "communication" between these particles Very fast, using this technology to control and deliver information at unprecedented speeds.

The advantages of AIRC

For Internet users, on the one hand, we can enjoy the intelligent product life of the Internet through the service of AIRC chain + block chain. On the other hand, block chain technology, on the other hand, is more complementary to the existing financial service system, and then forms more services to meet the global users. Actual demand.

The world is primed for the greatest financial revolution in decades, highlighted with historical tidal waves of opportunities and multitudes of unrivalled wealth creation.

Global Air Pollution Quality Index Chart

The ecological prospect of AIRC

The world is showing exponential development and iteration, the era of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has come, and the age of all things is in front of the world, the economy, The ability to process data in production and life has increased geometrically. By integrating data, individual and individual collaboration will be upgraded to a new level. World, but the data volume increases exponentially, unicorns monopoly on data and inter agency information security are also more serious. The emergence of block chain technology will fundamentally solve this problem.

Estimated share of block chains by 2020

Future business model

In the future, the most secure and secure network will be born in the ecology of the AIRC chain, which will be born with tourism, games, communication, social, payment and so on, A huge economy in the domain.


The below are five traditional sectors of financial services which are indispensable in the modern world. These are the sectors where significant amounts of money are being invested into, and where the largest demand for innovation exist.

  • Currency circulation and mining
  • For the stable development and maintenance of the platform
  • Money reward based on technical team
  • Maintaining the smooth running of the Foundation


AIRC is the only virtual currency of the mother chain of the entire AIRC ecosystem. The data interaction and asset exchange of any cross sub chain need to consume the virtual currency of the parent chain. When the ecosystem is formed, the cross chain data interaction becomes high frequency event. At this time, the demand for AIRC is constantly improved. AIRC virtual currency holders have the original distribution right of the development direction of AIRC parent chain.

The emergence of AIRC will redefine the new industry standards for intelligent air purifier business: making AIRC into the standard of the intelligent air purifier to pay the contract block chain, which will be the basis for the development and new application of new technology in the future. copyright© 2018 All rights reserved.