Air chain

Air chain

AIRC and a number of purifier companies led by Yunyan composed of air purification alliance, mainly to solve the indoor air environment, people have more than 2/3 of the time indoors, indoor air environment is excellent, can greatly reduce the incidence of disease, AIRC for every negative oxygen purifier, using block chain technology record With the large data of the equipment, we can scientifically customize the family air purification plan, use the intelligent computing force of the mobile terminal to realize the data sharing, obtain the calculation rate by providing the fresh air capacity of each equipment, reward the airc, and obtain the revenue, that is, the AIRC appliance operation mode can be generated from this.


Based on the distributed database of block chain, AIRC realizes the cross regional information and value exchange based on the whole network consensus mechanism, and blurs the geographical boundaries of the region, especially the geographical boundaries of the region. It broke the information asymmetry and hindered the development of intelligent air purifier business. Moreover, it can expand coverage and shorten the time period. It is possible for the intelligent air purifier to direct direct marketing and develop a more time flexible and diversified intelligent air purifier. The cross space-time characteristics of the block chain can be more effective. It truly reflects the product parameters of the intelligent air purifier, so that the intelligent air purifier can flexibly adjust the production of intelligent air purifier according to the actual and time point characteristics of the region. Product pricing, to meet personalized, customized, differentiated and fragmented product needs, and promote the self evolution of Internet smart air purifier products.


In the future, in the ecology of the AIRC chain, the most unobstructed, safest network will be born, which will be born with tourism, games, communication, social, payment, and so on. A huge economy in the domain.

Project Name: air chain (airc) English full name airchain

Quantum entanglement encrypt technology

The quantum entanglement technology adopted by the ecological chain AIRC is a safe and reliable encryption technology for transmitting information, which is related to the information transmitted by superluminal speed. The speed of "communication" between these particles Very quickly, this technology is used to control and transmit information at an unprecedented speed.

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